Glitter fade NOTD | Revlon, NYC, Rio

I finally did a glitter fade mani! I've wanted to do one for ages with matte black and here it is :) 
I used a black nail varnish from a nail art kit by the brand rio, and this pretty glitter nail varnish called "stunning" by Revlon, it's full of lots of little glitter and big specs, and to make the black matte I used NYC's matte me crazy. 
I simply painted a stripe of glitter on my tips, wipe the brush dryish, then drag it down, once my nails were dry I added another coat to the tip to make it thicker and more of a "fade" 

I really love this and I'm definitely going to do more glitter fades :)

~Have you ever done a glitter fade mani?
What's your current favourite nail art?