Current small Barry M Nail varnish collection

Just thought I would do a little post showing my current (small) Barry m nail varnish collection.

 I have three special effects ones, 2 crackles and a crocodile one. I have to say the gold crackle isn't very good, I love the colour, but it just dries all around the lid and on the brush where it has already reacted and just goes a bit weird, which means its a pain to put on!
 The other two are plain black, I personally love the crocodile one it's such a cool simple nail art effect! It particularly looks good over silver nail varnish. 
I then also have three standard nail varnishes and 3 jelly ones.
 The best thing for me about Barry m varnishes is the colours, they always have nice colours and are constantly adding new current trend colours at an affordable price. 
I've written a little review of the jelly ones including a manicure with them on in a previous post if you want to check that out :) 

Below shows the names of each colour:
Pure pturquoise, raspberry, Fuchsia 
Grapefruit,Greenberry, Blueberry. 

None of these were limited edition so I believe you can still buy them all. 

~~How many Barry m nail varnishes do you own? (I know how small my collection is compared to others).