A new start?

Hello.. 9 months later! I am so awful with sticking to this blog and it irritates me endlessly!

I have titled this a new start (with a question mark of course in case I don't stay with it) as I am embarking on a new journey soon.. I will be starting University! I am extremely nervous and excited and all sorts of emotions but I know I will enjoy it.

So as I am going to be at uni not knowing many people and having lots of spare time I decided that I would try and keep up with this blog.. I have no excuse!

-And as for my 2015 Goals they didn't go so well... I did end up buying more high end make-up and I've enjoyed it! you can really tell the difference between high street and high end (especially the price tag ;) ) But I've ended up falling deeply in love with Benefit.
I haven't managed to really save money for uni due to a number of different factors but that hasn't mattered much to me because I've had a very memorable gap year.
In the way of fitness I'm not exactly where I wanted to be however I have learnt a lot about my body and grown to like my image more.
Finally.. make this blog something I'm proud of..I cant really comment on that haha.