What I want to achieve this year

I do have a lot of beauty post ideas I wanted to write but haven't been able to take photos yet.. and as I've been neglecting my little space I thought that maybe a simple written post is a great way to ease my self back in.

1- Save money for university!
I'm currently on my gap year working full time and now that Christmas is over I want to focus on saving up for Uni. Anything I save will help a lot as I know loans take a while to come in and there's a lot of struggles as a student. I just don't want to be behind all the time.

2- Buy more High end beauty products
I know this is a silly one to put after I just said I want to save money haha, however I've always spent a lot of money on lots of high street items and been impressed by about 70% of what I Buy. I know not all high end products are great but I know a lot of them are more expensive for a reason: better quality! I just think it may be better to to spend the same amount of money on 2 better products rather than 10 Okay ones. It will also satisfy my cravings for the beautiful things I always lust after haha. (2
o comment any recommendations)
3- Get the body I've always wanted.
I know everyone does a new year resolution of wanting to get fit.. however!! I started my fitness in around November. And I love it :) all of last year I was on and off with my healthiness because I couldn't stay committed very well (I love food). My aim is to get to an ideal body shaped within the next few months and then from there get better. ( Do you like fitness posts?)

4- Make this blog something I'm proud of.
I made this blog a long time ago! But I've never told a single soul about it. I've just always thought if I told someone I had a blog they'de laugh. It's difficult to find the time to post and get ideas, all the while trying to keep it a secret. ( Am I being stupid?) . Anyway now I have no college stress I would like to devote time to this blog and enjoy it. I want to be proud of it.

These are my main goals for this year, I have lots of other little ones but this post would go on forever other wise! What do you aim to achieve this year?