Remember why you started

There's a really good quote I found whilst motivating myself fitness wise..

"When you feel like quitting, remember why you started".

Remember this daily!

I love reminding myself of this quote because I know I will use it a lot at uni! (I've even planned to have it printed and on show to keep it in my mind!)

I think it's really important to stay on track with whatever you're focusing on, wether it's sticking to your blogging, going to the gym, or working on an educational project at university/college etc. It could be anything.

This quote applies to so many different situations and makes you think about how far you've come. It reminds you of the goals you set yourself when you began the journey and tells you to keep on going!

This is definitely one of my top motivating quotes, my other favourite will be featured on here soon.

~~Are you going to remember this quote? What motivates you the most?