Pretty pink nails | Essie swatches cascade cool & We're in it together

So I'm all finished for summer now (minus work) and going to have a lot of free time, last year all I did was paint my nails different patterns every week and became obsessed! I don't have as much time anymore so will hopefully paint them more again for a while. 

I'm new to essie and these are my second and third buys, they are both really pretty pinks! The lighter shade is "we're in this together" and the darker shade is "cascade cool". (P.S the sun made the varnish go a bit 'bitty' on my nails so please excuse!)
We're in this together is a baby pink with a hint of shimmer in and is veryy pretty. 
Cascade cool is a slightly darker pink and has no shimmer, this colour particularly was very opaque and you could just use 1 coat, I used 2 coats of each colour here. 

~~What's your favourite essie colour?