2 necklaces for £2.46 | Ebay

I've recently really been diving into the ebay world and trying different sellers and items, as it's often so cheap I don't mind if it's not that great, and if it is good then that's perfect :)

I have wanted a choker sort of style necklace for a little hike and when I saw this one (99p!) I thought I may as well see what it's like, i do think it's slightllyyy cheap feeling but when it's on it doesn't look so. I do think this was worth the value and worth buying! 
The other necklace(£1.19+0.28p delivery) is a semicircle on a chain with a triangle/tribal pattern, this one does not look as cheap as the other and I think this is definitely worth the money, I would have paid more for this in a shop. 
Both were delivered together with 2/3 weeks, considering they came from Hong Kong it was pretty quick. 

I do think these necklaces look better with high neckline tops, especially plain ones, it really adds detail to an outfit. 

Both necklaces are from a seller called 'dtwell' if you would like to check them out, they sell a lot of stuff! 

What sort of things do you buy on ebay?