Say yes to change

I have a nice inspiring post for you today, grab a drink and have a read.
Everyone in life goes through some sort of change at least once in their lives, wether its your favourite colour, changing schools or moving house. Changes are always daunting because we get so used to the same things or routines that we fear that change is going to disrupt that and make life worse. Let me tell you something, it
wont. Right now and within the next year, i am going to go through some major changes which i was not happy about, the fact that i cant do anything about them is what upset me the most, but now that ive learnt to accept them (and with a few inspiring quotes) i am much happier and they are not as daunting. The reason i am writing this post is because i want to share what i have found and how i feel and hopefully make someone else feel happier :)

I love these quotes, as they are so true! i never thought about it before i saw these. Butterflies were once catipillars and they themselves had to go through changes to become butterflies, this just shows that the changes you're going through, will make you a better person! I also like to look at this quote in the respect that, there are so many amazing people in the world that may inspire you, wether it be your mum or a celebrity, they too would have had to accept some changes in their life, but you might not think about what they went through to get them there today. Everyone goes through change.

One way to accept your changes is to stop thinking about all the negatives of it, stop worrying about what is going to become the old but instead to think about what is going to be amazing. For example, if you are moving schools, think about all the new people you will meet, it will be a fresh start. My advice would be to list every thing you can think of that is good about the change, and just think about that. Everntually that will be all you can think about and you will be excited for the change.
The second quote is great, ask yourself,  'If my life stayed exactly like this in 10 years, would i be happy?' i bet the answer is no, everyone always has negative aspects in life wether they are big or small, changes in life mean that in about 10 years time those negative aspects probably won't exist anymore!

Lastly, Don't be afraid. As the quote says, you may gain something better! one of my biggest fears is that im going to lose all the good things right now in my life, but these things have to go in order to make room for better things. I also dont want my present to become the past, but that is life and you have to accept to make changes.

To summarise:
-Write a list of all the positive aspects you will gain
-Only think about the positives
-Don't be scared
-Think about a happy future
-Remember there wouldn't be butterflies without change!
-Say yes.

sorry for saying the word change so much - oops!

I would love to know your thoughts on this post, i really enjoyed writing this as it has helped myself a lot and i hope it can help someone else.