Little boots haul | Maybelline, soap and glory, Vaseline

I recently went to boots and was a bit naughty :) 
Maybelline had an offer on for 3 for 2 so I couldn't resist! 
Maybelline blusher- flash plum

I've wanted a brown shade of the colour tattoos for a while, as I already have a blue one and it's great, so decided to go for on and on bronze, I also have wanted a new blusher for a while and as it's now autumn I thought this darker shade would be perfect, finally I picked up my first ever baby lips! 
Cherry me
They are hyped about so much so I thought i'd see what the fuss was about, I will probably do a review on this soon. 
Mist you madly

After leaving the makeup aisle I got pulled in by soap and glory and bought their body mist, it smells really nice and lasts so long! It's the first time I've bought it but when it runs out I may buy it again..
Lastly, I bought one of the Vaseline moisturisers (why did I not buy one in summer?!) I am so lazy when it comes to moisturising my body, having to wait for it to dry, and finding one that doesn't feel sticky is difficult, now it's an easy task! I got it in cocoa because I love the smell. 

~~Do you enjoy haul posts? Have you been shopping lately?