The £2 Christmas candle

Hello everyone, I hope you're well!

I know I've been naughty.. I've said the C word and its not december yet!

The other day I went to tesco to do my regular food shop, whilst I was in there I thought I would look at the candles to see if they had any decent ones, and as christmas is so close I decided to pick up the spiced berry one - I'm so glad I did. It smells ah-mazing. It's making me even more excited for december, colder weather, christmas markets, ice rinks and present buying!

The best thing about this candle is that it's only £2! They had a bigger one similar to the Yankee jars for £6 but I opted for a smaller one. Tesco have a whole range of scented candles all in different sizes ranging from tea lights to the jars. I was going to post a link to them but every single scented candle is sold out! I'm sure they will have stock in store so if you get a chance, check them out!

~~What scents do you enjoy in winter?