Autumn lust list

Hi guys, hope you're well. the leaves are falling off the trees and the temperature is dropping, therefore autumn is officially here! As with any new season there are always new products and clothes I lust after so here's a post on them.

1) Autumn coat
I've been eyeing up coats like these for a while, I love that they are fashionable whilst still being practical. I'm currently loving beige and nude tones so think if I am to buy one it will probably of similar colour to the one in the picture.

2) Daytime Dress/Playsuit
Once the weather starts to get cooler I always find it difficult to still have a nice outfit due to layering up so much! So I would like do get a nice dress or playsuit that you can wear with tights and boots and still be cosy.

3) Scarf
I love these beige tartan scarves, because they can dress up plain outfits. I normally wear a lot of black and white too so this scarf would be perfect.

4) Hat
Hats are an autumn/winter staple. I don't own any plain ones so would like to get a plain black beanie for the colder weather.

5) Boots
I've never owner leather knee boots before and always made do with wearing trainers as it gets cooler. So I think these will be the first thing I buy. Leather boots not only look gorgeous but are practical too.

6 Berry Lipstick
Of course you can't go into fall with out beautiful berry shades of lipstick! I only have one berry-ish shade of lipstick and it's not very dark. I would like to be adventurous this fall and treat myself to something darker toned! If you have any recommendations do let me know in the comments!

~~What items do you think are essential for autumn? Do you have any similar recommendations for the items above?