Wish Wish Wish #1

Hey guys, sorry it has been so long,I've had a lot going on lately! ( which sparked me to write this )

I've wanted to start writing wishlist posts for a while and now I am finally writing my first one :)  I might make this a series but i'm not sure yet, i've decided to call it wish wish wish, didn't put the word want in there cause lets face it, it's not a case of want, more of a case of need.

Bourjois colour boost- yes I know I missed the big hype over these ages ago  I just never bought one.. I would lle to try them though as many people have recommended them! 

Beyoncé rise perfume - as a Huge fan of Beyoncé I really want to try her new fragrance as I know it will smell great. 

Floral headband - I bought a flower headband years ago bit it's sadly past it's time, I'd really like to get another one for spring/summer. 

Shorts, topshop - these shorts are so soft and look so comfy! They'd be great when it gets warmer. 

Skinny jeans, topshop- I am in need of a new pair of skinny jeans haha, and I've previously used river island but after a year they were wrecked! I know topshop ones are very popular so I may have to leave river island and make a move on topshop...

Bourjois bronzer- i do have a bronzer I'm using at the moment but it's can be too shimmery sometimes, this one looks quite so I'm thinking about getting it. (If you have use this do let me know what you think of it :). )

NYC top, new look - I love all the sports clothing out right now and i would like to get a basketball/baseball type jersey. 

Black bag, H&m - I love my big handbags and I really like this one, h&m have got some really nice handbags in at the moment so I would check them out if you are looking for a good budget bag, I bought one there over a year ago and use it quite a lot, it's still in good condition :)

So there we have my first wish list style post, do let me know if you like these posts, wether you've seen anything you like and what you are currently mustering over :)