Maybelline Baby lips Cherry Me Review and Swatch

Hey guys, I've been meaning to post a review on this for a while, I don't know why its taken me so long, most of these pictures are from when I originally bought it! So onto the review.... 
There have been many reviews on the babylips, I know there was a massive hype on them and then as soon as they were available in the UK the trend seem to grew. Many reviews were positive but there were a few negative ones, I'm not sure why because I've seen nothing but great things from this little tube :) I think it may depend on which on you have, I do want to try out every single one now..

 First of all as a regular lip balm, it. is. amazing. Whenever I put this on it doesn't seem to just put a 'layer' of moisture on the lips like a lot of other ones (Vaseline being one), it really hydrolysis them. - And those moisturised lips aren't temporary, my lips will stay soft for many many hours. On days when I have this to hand I top it up really often and my lips feel beautiifuull.

 I chose cherry me because I wanted a lip balm with a slight hint of colour that I could just 'slap on' haha. As you can see from the swatch it's a very pretty pink, I would say that it does show on the lips! I like to put this on when I have a pretty pink blusher on to make the look very girly :)

Overall I really love this lip Balm, It moisturises, adds colour, looks good and is not expensive! I must own them all now.....


~~~Have you tried any of the Babylips? What ones have you used and would you recommend?